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Whats the frequency and Temps Kenneth? I dont understand bench/reviews

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Last response: in Overclocking
December 10, 2011 10:12:02 AM

Hey there.

I've gone through Google and a lot of other different sites searching and scouring on the unit trying figure out something about the best CPU heatsink and cooling to buy. But I find that every time I look at a review I'm only really interested in doing how it performs what is overclocked and how it forms regularly on stock speeds. And also maybe being able to compare it against the stock fan that comes with that and the temperatures it has.

So what I'm seeing is reviews that are basically saying a lot of text and commenting on the if it's noisy if it's cool looking and how it is and really I just want to know I have and I5 2500 K and I just want to know for example at an overclocked speed of four gigs what temperature will this thing get and then be able to compare the temperatures of this setting over the course of 10 fans been compared to the stock fan that comes with the cpu.

I don't care about noise levels grew up since a teenager running it to 2 node BBS in my bedroomand I really don't give a hoot about how loud it is. If it's as bad as a 747 flying over me loud or a screamer in bed. Im good. Its fantastic. Maybe it will drown out one of those last two.

but what I'm finding is that or example on this site shows the stock , nevermind I just found out that I like articles on this site then click on cooling and the heatsink sub 40$ article down the list was an article from November 2010, which I now realize is relevant at all to the coolers that came out or are usable on Sandy Bridge I five 2500 K

So what I'm seeing know when I look on other websites is that there's some rating that says for example stock fan is it at 60 degrees Celsius hundred percent load and custom fan (one im looking at, reviews/different ones), says 58Celsius for custom aftermarket. Yes at 2° difference.

Yet that I'm looking again and him reading on forms and I'm hearing about how people are running their I five 2500 K and overclocking it to 4.5 GHz and getting a full load CPU temperature of under 70.

How am I supposed to be able to read reviews and really know what the with a good cooler is that I'm buying I mean I don't understand the one reviewed it just says tax and died commenting about how the fan is while the other stuff that's on here it shows only minor differences of of like 2° and that's on this website when I was looking at the November 2010.

If you ahve time, im looking for a under 40$ fan for i5 2500k, off

let me know,

Once I learn, I know it and can pass it on.

i5 2500k
ZALMAN PRO case (black with temp)
MSI GD55 mobo
Current STOCK FAN TEMPS = 33 IDLE and 65 to 80C full load, hell saw 91 today.

thank you

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