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biostar T5 XE T5XE CFX-SLI.......This motherboard has onboard sound,,,,i install an audigy 2 card,,,it does not recognize it, and i don,t see anything in the bios...any suggestions?
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    Those cards are can be fickle. First, make sure the under the PCIPnP menu that the Plug and Play OS is set to yes. For some reason, from the factory mine was set to no. You should be able to find the on board under the Chipset -> South Bridge. It's probably listed as a 97 codec or something.

    It turning on OS PnP support and turning off the onboard sound doesn't work, make sure the card is seated correctly and/or try another slot.

    If that doesn't work, seriously consider throwing out that sound card unless you really need that digital out/Firewire port. I don't think its worth the effort to get it to run or to deal with questionable drivers.
  2. Did you turn off the onboard sound in the BIOS under the Chipset|SouthBridge|HDA Controller?
  3. HDA controller... so that's what they call it nowadays. The manual isn't much help.

    Here's a link in case you get card to detect but get an IRQ conflict:

    Last time I dealt with a Audigy 2 I got all sorts of pops and hisses if it didn't get its very own IRQ.

    What OS are you running ronss?
  4. thanks all,,,all helpful and knowledgable hints......i went into the bios, and disabled the hda, and also went into device manager , it listed audigy 2 there, and installed the driver from their....also, you got to be careful what driver one used, the 2.28.11 driver works the others not had luck with , or trouble installing...

    i did see the hda earlier when i was surfing the bios....had no idea it was the audio, makes sense though-high definition audio

    audigy 2 audio card has got to be the toughest card to install i ever 2 of em, on my other computer ...took me 2 hours until i found out it was the driver..... :??:
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