Help to eject a disc from optical drive with no eject button

The HP-LG CA30L BD-DVD Combo in my new rig does not have any eject button and I stupidly stick in a memtest CD before even installing the OS. For some reason the memtest program only flashes on the screen for split second and now the computer just keep rebooting w/ the CD stuck in the drive. Is there any keystroke I can do to eject the CD? I tried poking in the holes, while the drive is disconnted, but can't seem to locate any emergency eject button...

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I've found your 2 other posts on that subject on the net.

    HEHE no one answered you there ^^ Well...

    Do try in Windows: Go into "My Computer" and right-click on your optical drive and "eject".

    Or do try a live Linux CD/DVD, like this one:

    You just have to download whatever ubuntu version you want (any it doesn't matter, prefer 10.04 LTS since it has 3 years support for it and it's softwares). Just download the ISO image and burn it on a CD/DVD (well you will need another cd drive to do so). If you really have no other optical drive at hand, download unetbootin:

    then format an USB key or hdd, install unetbootin then make it install any Linux distro on it. Then you reboot your computer with either the USB key/drive plugged in, or CD/DVD in another optical drive (if you can), change boot order in your BIOS to let the corresponding media boot before de HDD.

    You'll just need to try ubuntu or whatever Linux distro you got, then in the desktop you will be able to eject it.
  2. Thanks. Yes, I'm indeed getting a bit desperate! Unfortunately the computer is fresh and not even installed w/ OS hence I cannot use any OS/Software to eject the disc!
  3. Most optical drives have a tiny hole that you can stick a straightened paperclip into so that the tray can be manually opened. When you stick the paperclip in to the hole (perhaps as much as an inch) you should feel a click - at that point you should be able to pry the tray open.

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