8800GT 1GB Vs. 9800GT 512MB?


A few weeks ago, I started a thread regarding to see if the 8800GT 1GB I purchased was worth the buy. I got very positive and useful feedback, thanks btw fellas.

I just received my 8800GT and it's all good and well, no problems here. BUT my friend just offered to trade for his 9800GT which is at 512MB. Now I know that the 8800GT and the 9800GT are both the SAME cards, the only difference here is the 9800GT has a 55nm G92b chip (opposed to the 8800GT that has a 65nm G92a) which allows it to run way cooler, giving it way to be OC'd more.

The only reason he wants the 1GB is that his going to connect it to his 42" TV and needed more gigs to get slightly better results when gaming on such a big screen.

Do you think its worth a trade? Don't forget, they are at stock speeds, which are both the same. I do loose 512MB or VRAM, but we all know that the most a 8800GT can't push 1GB, it can only come in handy at such high resolutions.

I was personnally going to accept the trade But I thought I'd ask first. I'm open to opinions. Thank you!
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  1. 42" TV probably renders at 1280x720 resolution. That is actually a very low resolution smaller than a standard 17-19" monitor which uses 1280x1024

    The 8800GTs/9800GTs are basically the same chip, and both are too weak to even use 1GB of VRAM even at higher resolutions such as 1920x1080 or above.

    The trade won't help you or him by very much...but you would benefit by having lower power consumption and a cooler GPU in your system, while your friend has "peace of mind."
  2. So I can't really gain from the 55nm?
  3. I don't think that's a bad deal. Just curious .. what are the brands and models of the two cards? You could easily use that to look at benchmarks and probably be able to tell if you will be losing any or gaining any real speed. You probably wouldn't .. and most likely the 9800GT will be a better card. But it's still worth a look at the actual benchmarking results just to be sure.
  4. godbrother said:
    So I can't really gain from the 55nm?

    Cooler GPU (you can OC it more), lower power consumption
  5. When I say better card btw I mean lower power consumption and less heat thanks to the 55nm .. but I doubt .. as blue said .. you're going to benefit or lose anything either way.
  6. Well, as I know now the 8800GT and the 9800GT are BOTH the same, no difference in clock speeds etc. Just the fact that its 55nn.

    The one I have is a Asus 1GB and my friends is a XpertVision 512MB. So I will gain in some way right? Even if its not performance?
  7. Yeh, trade your friend your 8800GT for his 9800GT and ask him to buy you lunch or something.
  8. ^ +1... You're so evil :D
  9. godbrother said:
    ^ +1... You're so evil :D

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