Phenom II 940 system, overclocking (a good cooler)?

Hi everyone, I have a phenom II 940 based system, and anyway (in the future) I am planning on overclocking. I am wondering what a good cpu cooler would be, and what results I could expect (I'm hoping for 3.5ish, nothing too crazy) and still have decent temperatures. is my motherboard, and also I would like to overclock the RAM a bit which is (I am worried the tall heat spreaders might limit my selection of cpu coolers). Thanks in advance
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  1. Well, now the best cooler is this one. I honestly can't say I know the price, it's a bit hard to find, but once you can, this is a very worthwhile investment.
  2. forgot to mention, the direct contact heatpipes improve heat dissipation compared to traditional heatpipes. Be sure to double check the clearance on your motherboard/case, these heatsinks are rather large
  3. Running a Thermalrite Ultra 120 Extreme on my P2 and it stays very cool. Way cooler than I expected actually.
  4. Thanks guys, looked at all of them but the only one I could find online was the Dark Knight one, also would my tall RAM heat sinks interfere with it?
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