Updating bios W/O floppy drive?

Is it possible to update your BIOS without a floppy drive, and if so how? I appear to have a compatibility issue between my ASUS P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe mobo's BIOS and a new Radeon HD 5770 that I bought recently, and want to update the BIOS to see if that fixes the problem.
Problem is, my PC doesn't have a floppy drive and the only advice I could find on ASUS's website refers to using a floppy disk.
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  1. Hmmm.. Not sure. Although risky, what you could do is use a flash drive.
    In order for this to be a viable option your motherboard must be able to boot from USB.

    Also another possibility is booting from a CD... all computers can boot from CDs nowadays, but you'd need to setup the CD/CD image and burn it yourself with the files you need to do your bios flash.

    If it can, essentially what you need to do is setup your USB or CD exactly how you setup a floppy disk for this task.... that is... erase all data, format it to an acceptable file system, add any/all necessary files, then try booting from it.

    If you look at this Google search query results, you will find numerous items pertaiing to this task:


    Read over them and get the general idea of what need to be done. Run a similar query to find out how people do it using CDs.

    Hope this helps!
  2. There are external USB floppy drives, but if you click the setup button on start up you could boot from USB or any other drives plugged in. I use a Dell and all it requires me to do is start up the update and when its done restart my PC.
  3. Download a bootable iso like Dr Dos. Open the image and include your bios files. Burn the CD and there you have it. A bootable CD that'll update your BIOS.
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