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Replacing the Power supply on the Gateway DX4200-UB001A

Hi im wanting to replace the power Supply on my Gateway DX4200-UB001A
Currently installed when i bought it is a 300 watt power supply and im looking for a higher end gaming Graphics card and need to upgrade my power supply to do so. I cant seem to find the motherboard specs for the DX4200 on the web so i am unsure as to a compatible power supply for my computer..... Any help or suggestions would be awesome
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    Athena Power AP-MPS3ATX55EP8 550W MicroATX - $125.99

    This is a good one.
  2. Awesome....
    Looks great, thanx a ton.

    One more question...
    For some reason Radeon Cards seem to work better with this motherboard then Nvidia cards So i was thinking to get a good Radeon card for higher end gaming.....any suggestions??
  3. What is your budget and monitor resolution?
  4. Around $150 Preferably And monitor resolution is 1440 by 900
  5. Really $200 or less should be ok

    Thanx for your help BTW
  6. Sapphire HD 5770 - $164.99

    DX 11.
    Low power consumption.
    High performance for your resolution.
  7. Great That is awesome Thanx very much for your help man
    That is about what im looking for.

    Very Much appreciated
  8. You're quite welcome.

    Enjoy the GPU and PSU.
  9. I have the same comp and am wondering if i can install the hd5770 without changing the power supply, i cant find anywhere to connect the video card to my power supply, so im assuming i have to. Am i correct?
  10. you'll have to change over your power supply. Im pretty sure when I first got mine(I have the same pc) it only had a 300 watt power supply with no 6 pin power connectors.I upgraded to a modular 700 watt silver stone for my HD4870.I have had no problems with it.The hd5770 requires a minimum 450 watt power supply with a 6 pin power connector.

    I recommend getting a modular power supply if you plan on using the case it came in or you will have problems fitting it all in there.I can also tell you, you will have some pretty high temps.those cards put off a lot of heat for a mid tower case with only one fan other than the cpu cooler and psu of course.
  11. Hello again
    So My Fiance got me a Radeon HD 4650 for my birthday so i put that in instead of the sapphire card Viper suggested and its been running perfectly with the 300 watt PSU.
    But a friend just gave me a OCZ stealth Xtreme 700 watt PSU that is brand new I am wondering will that be compatible with the micro atx motherboard and everything,and will it fit? Or will i mess things up if i swap them ???

  12. I have this same computer and Ive already replaced the Power Supply with a 610W PC Power and Cooling, a GTX560ti 2GB edition and was wondering about cases.... would a Antec 900 case work for me if i wanted to switch cases?
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