Expresscard 2.0 and SATA 3.0 and USB 3.0 Question


I have a simple question, and because it's so simple i couldn't found an answer to it, anyware.

Is Express card 2.0 is an upgrade to the interface inside the laptop, or an upgrade inside the devices that connecting to the existing slot.

I'm asking because I resently bought:
An HDD docking station, with SATA 3.0 and USB 3.0 support.
An 2TB HDD with 64MB ram, 7200rpm, supports SATA 3.0
And An express card 34mm with 2 USB 3.0 sluts.

The HDD in my laptop is 320GB 7200rpm 16M ram SATA 2.6

The max transfer rate is around 60Mbits/sec.

And I'm wondering what should I do so this will work at the max transfer rate of the slowest part – my laptop HDD: 3Gbps
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  1. Express Card V. 2.0 is hardware implementation, so your system has it or not have it
    There is no upgrade-able

    To see 5Gb bus ( 1x lane PCI express v. 2) you need both ends:
    Host connection and card - this apples to desk top and note book.

    There is limited notebook offers expess card V2.0, chance are your notebook does not have EC v2.0 is very high

    For the transfer rate use the eSATA (3Gb) you would have better performance.
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