HD Issue with Asus P6T delux v2 (EDI - AHCI)

Built :

Corsair 750W
Asus P6T deluxe v2
Intel I7
Corsair XMS 6GB
WD 640GB black
ATI HD4890

Yesterday I received my new built and tried to install it.
I'm installing XP first and then Windows 7 in a dual boot system.

However when I try to install XP the HD is not visible when using AHCI mode. I have to set it as EDI in order to see the HD.

How can I install XP using AHCI mode (I don't want to setup a raid)? What are the correct steps, driver, update bios, ...??
I also read (maybe I'm wrong) that there's a difference in the Marvell and Intel controller on the board?

Once the OS is installed I would add my other HD. This also seems to be not that easy.

Please advise as I eagerly want to test my new system
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  1. You will need to install the driver at the beginning of the setup process.
    This usually requires you to use a floppy disk but I think there is a way to do it using a USB stick.
    Alternately, you could slipstresam the proper driver into a XP install disk.
    As you are planing on installing Win7 anyways, why not skip on the ancient OS?
  2. I don't have a floppy disk so how can I do this with an USB stick? Also which drivers should I install, Marvell, Intel, ...?
  3. You can locate the driver you need either on the motherboards driver CD (there should be an option to make a Xp RAID/AHCI boot disk) or on ASUS's Support Page.
    Googling around, it seems I was mistaken about being able to use an USB stick to install the drivers in XP :(

    As you are not using RAID, however, it may be simpler to first install XP in IDE mode then enable AHCI.
    There are quite a few Guides on the Net and it is not to difficult to do.
    Alternately, you can use a program like nLite to slipstream the necessary drives into the install disk.

    Again, I must say there is little point to installing such an ancient OS.
    As you already have Win7 installed, there really is no need for it.
  4. I connected a floppy drive and selected some drivers but I still get a blue screen during installation.
    It seems like I don't get to select the right driver.

    Any suggestions?
  5. Try downloading the drivers and instructions for making the boot disk directly from ASUS.
    Also, check your floppy disk and make sure it is not failing.

    You made sure to hit the 'F6' key while the Xp install disk was loading, right?
    Just having the driver present is not enough, you have to point the system to it.
    Also be aware that it may take a little time to load the driver.
    We are talking about Floppy Disks here ;)
  6. Scrap the XP and just install 7, and if you REALLY need XP for an old prog hardware ect. just run it as a virtual machine. You won't want to use XP anymore anyways. Your setup will run XP in a VM just fine. Go to google and search VMware free. Super easy and saves all the hassles of dual booting.
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