USB 3 / SATA 6gbps on LGA 1156

I'm starting to put together plans for purchasing a new system, and at the moment I'm debating between 1366 and 1156.

On the 1156, is it true that 1) Using USB 3 / SATA 6gbps will put all PCIE slots at 8x? and 2) that you cannot use both USB 3 and SATA 6gbps at the same time?

I need to be able to use them both simultaneously and while I do not intend to SLI/Crossfire, I don't really want my single GPU to run at 8x.

Could someone please clarify?


EDIT: perhaps I should add that when referring to USB 3 and SATA 6gbps I am talking about the controllers that come with the mobo, not the add in cards.
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  1. I guess no one uses USB 3 with 1156....I guess that is sort of an answer by itself...
  2. Well, the only problem that I know is with the Gigabyte mobos that don't support the USB 3.0 whe you have Crossfire enable, but this problem is on 1366 mobos, i'm not sure in 1156 if is the same.
  3. Hmmm.... I heard the the NEC Controller on the 1156 mobos makes all PCI-E lanes 8x. But I'm not sure...
  4. The NEC controller?
  5. Don't all current mobos use a NEC controller to provide USB 3 and SATA 6gbps support?

    Maybe I'm wrong...
  6. Well, I'm not really sure about that, so, I can't help you more with that.
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