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Hello, I have recently installed Windows 7. I initially installed it on a particular hard drive, but at the stage when I had to enter the product key, my computer crashed. I was then forced to re-install Windows 7 on my only other hard drive, as the first one did not show up. Windows 7 works fine on its current hard drive, but I am fast running out of space and my other hard drive is still nowhere to be found!
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  1. Have you tried looking under the table?

    There are three places to check to see if the drive is "recognized:" In the BIOS, in Device Manager, and in Windows Explorer. If the drive is seen in BIOS and Device Manager, you probably need to partition and format it. Try walking through this: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/265764-32-guide-installed-disk-system .
    If the drive is not seen in BIOS, or is seen and can't be partitioned, then with more details we may be able to help. Good luck.
  2. Hi again. Sadly, the drive is not recognised in any of these places. As far as I can tell, the missing drive is a "DiamondMax 8S SATA150 HDD 40GB 3.5 series" and the motherboard is a "DualCore CPU Conroe Presler Dual Channel FSB1333 ConRoe1333-DVI/H". The OS is Windows 7 Home Premium running Service Pack 1. Is there any more information you might need? Thanks muchly
  3. if you dont know exactly which one is missing, then id suggest adding boot drive first, make sure all is running, and then going in and adding drive after drive, one by one and see what happens.

    i was being lazy when i was building mine and (i have 4 in there) and some werent being recognized. so its a pain moving things around after your all happy your build is complete lol. last thing you want to do is take em all out again.

    So yes id say take em all out sans the OS drive. and trouble shoot as you go along.
  4. I only have two drives, so I definitely know which is the missing one! It's the "DiamondMax 8S SATA150 HDD 40GB 3.5 series"
  5. yeah then DEF look at WyomingKnott last post.

    go into the bios (press f12 or delete ) on system boot, go to the bios, and look at the "storage configs" or boot order and look in there to see if the two drives are seen. if you go inthere and only see one, then trouble shoot it by opening your system
    and making sure the connection is good between the sata/ide cable and the drive and try again

    if its still bad and nothing is read, then open again and take the missing drive, change the data cable (ide/sata) and see if that works. if not then take the cable that goes on the mother board end, and plug it into another outlet in the board, sometimes they go bad.

    and just keep checking. if your hdd isnt picked up after all this...then.......... :cry:
  6. All sorted! Thanks guys
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