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Hey guys.

On my computer I have 2 hard drives, a 30gb ssd i have windows 7 and my video card on and a 1TB regular HDD that I store most of my stuff one.

My problem is now my SSD is full and I cant update windows and other stuff like that, its just causing lots of problems because there is no space left on the hard drive windows is running off of.

So what I want to do is upgrade my SSD to a bigger one and also a faster one that will have enough space for both windows, and my video card and maybe even some other stuff I wanna put on there.

Im kind of at a loss though, I've been on for the past hour looking around and have really just been pulling out my hair trying to make heads of tails of how this stuff works.

So im hoping someone can just point me into the direction of some SSD out there that I can buy and put into my computer, my current index score with primary disk is 5.9 I would like to get that to 7.0 or higher with the new SSD and my price range is about 200-300$.

My motherboard is gigabyte amd ga770t usb3 am3 ddr3 1666 usb 3 if that is relevant at all.

The ssd i current have is a 30gb kingston 2.5 in SATA SSD MLC

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    You motherboard is SATA II 3 Gb/s but not SATA III 6Gb/s capable. That narrows down you choices right away.

    The SAMSUNG 470 Series 128GB SATA II SSD for $209.99 and free shipping is a good choice:

    It is one of the few ssd's that has not developed problems. Here is a link to the ssd database:

    Scroll down to the Samsung section and click on the links to the technical reviews.
  2. As always, Johnny is right on.

    If you are thinking of upgrading your system in the next year You might want to consider the Marvel Based Sata III SSD (backwards compatable), if Not stick with Johnny's recommendation.

    About 10 mins ago, I pulled the plug on a Crucial M4 128 gig SSD.
    $250 - 15% = $212 (have to use prom code BTEKCJB22 to get the 15% discount.

    Cruical's web site say's it compatable with my Samsung RF711 (SB) laptop - so here's hoping
  3. Thanks guys I'm gonna go with that Samsung one you guys are talking about I like how that looks, the space on it, the price, and the fact that i can get it at best buy.

    Just a few questions tho, what do you think this will do to my hard drives transfer rate index score? its currently at 5.9 you think that that will go up at all, stay the same, or heaven forbid, go down?

    Also how should i go about installing this? can i leave my old SSD in or do i need to take that out? and its installing as simple as just putting it in my computer and putting in the windows disks?
  4. 1) I see no reason the drive shouldn't be at least 6.9 or higher. It should go up & not down.

    2) As with most SSD installs, it is recommended to install the SSD with no other hard drives attached. After that point, set BIOS to AHCI & do a fresh install of Windows. This gives you the best chance of success. :)
  5. Awesome!!

    So I'm take out all the hard drives through in new SSD install windows and video card, then put the ones I want back in, but how do I go about setting the bois to ahci, whatever that means. and do i need to set it back after?
  6. How to navagate the BIOS should be in your MB manual, if you do not have the manual go to gigabyte website and download.
  7. sounds good thanks!
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  9. hey guys on it says that that the Samsung - 128GB Internal Serial ATA Solid State Drive hard drive is for a laptop? I'm using a desktop is that okay? I kind of think that it wouldn't matter they would both work, but then why would they go to the trouble to say its for a laptop
  10. Yes it is okay. The 2.5 inch solid state drives are for desktop pc's and laptops. No problem.
  11. Thanks Johnny :D
  12. Hey would this one work for me?

    I saw it and its faster then the Samsung and it comes with software that clones the old one so i don't have to reinstall anything.
  13. I used to recommend the Intel 320 quite often. It had a reputation for reliability and it comes with a 5 year warranty instead of the typical 3 year warranty. However, a bug was recently discovered. Under certain conditions there was a possibility the capacity may suddenly be reduced to just 8GB. Chances are slim but it could happen. Intel acknowledged the problem and was working on a fix for it. I'm not sure if they've already issued the fix. If there is a fix already available, then the Intel 320 would be a very good choice.

    BTW - A clean fresh install of Windows 7 and software applications is the preferred method.
  14. Oh dang, I don't wanna take my chances with that then. I think I'm just gonna stick to the Samsung then. 20mbs a second more really isn't to much is it?

    anyways thanks so much Johnny and everyone else you all have been a huge help :)
  15. Latest info I have on the 8mb problem with the Intel 320's
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