FX-60 < ? for temp gaming long term htpc

I'm currently gaming with an 939 fx60 and an 8800gts, and my htpc is a single core 939 3200+ both are running 2 gigs of DDR1.

Whatever i get, I'm sure it will be an uprade if only due to the faster ram, however I'd like to make sure. I'm thinking of getting an Athlon x2 240 Regor chip and a 785 mATX am3 board for my HTPC, however i can't afford to upgrade both my gaming pc and my htpc at the same time. So if i can game for 4-5 months on the Regor and use my fx60 as the HTPC until i can save enough to get a 720, new board, and some more memory.

I'm thinking of getting a 5770 for my gaming pc now, putting it on the regor setup, and getting the rest of the gaming build later and running the htpc off of the onboard video only.

So any advice as to if the Regor is a worthy enough upgrade for now to game on, and later as a htpc? Other cpu advice will be appreciated as well
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  1. I would suggest you simply save money for a new gaming CPU, then cannibalize your current gaming rig for your new HTPC. Seems your current gaming setup has enough power, but I would first make sure you can keep your AMD CPU cool in the confined setup of an HTPC case.
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