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I am in last phases of preparing to move a machine on Win XP 32 over to Win 7 32bit. The box has an ASROCK K8 Upgrade 1689 Socket 754 mobo. Very late in the game ASROCK USA informed me that I should/could not change to Win 7 because the board does/will not have a Win 7 controller.
The MS Win 7 adviser has no issue with the current configuration.
What are the implications going forward? Do really need to change the mobo? Thanks
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  1. I would borrow another hardrive or buy one cheap at goodwill, etc, and try a windows 7 installation so you don't have to touch your files. The 1689 is a Uli chipset, which won't have any 7 device drivers. Uli was bought out by another brand.
  2. Is that what the Uli means! Well, I've a short time frame to get three systems up and on Win7. I bought a new Mobo, a new CPU and new RAM for this machine which, to be honest, was getting a bit long in the tooth. I called MS Customer Service and they say that will accept the Upgrade Win 7 CD I bought. Now I guess I'll find out how well the two optical drives work with the new equipment & OS. Thanks
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