Alright, this is just a quick question or two.

I already bought my motherboard: 760GM-E51

And I know that is has an "Easy OC Switch" feature.

So that OC's the CPU only right?

Does it OC it to it's limit or can you choose?

Whatever the case, on Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, how would I go about turning on the "Switch anyway"?

I'm getting a Phenom II x4 955 BE
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  1. Since it is extremely obvious you do not understand even the basics of overclocking you need to do some research before you even try. Overclocking is trial and error. Google "Phenom II 955 overclocking" and you will find some great step by step guides.

    Do you have an aftermarket cooler? That would be the first step.
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    go do some reading on some OC forums. Yes, you can OC on this board, and you will have quite a few options. This, however, is not a particularly good OC board.
  3. Read up. Thanks again guys! :D
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  5. ty, and good luck!
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