Use old pc hard drive as xbox external hard drive

I have an old 30gb hard drive that i would like to use as a usb hard drive (id put in an enclosure). can i use the hard drive as an xbox hard drive. Id like to use it so i can play firefight on halo reach matchmaking.
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  1. if you just wanna plug it in via usb, you can, get an enclosure and just plug it in BUT the xbox will only recognize 16 gigs of that 30.........
  2. so could i use it to play firefight matchmaking online on halo. it says you need a hard drive.....
  3. as far as specifics on halo, sorry , i wont even answer because i dont know. what i DO know is, that no matter how big the usb drive is, xbox will only recognize 16 gigs of it.
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