Help! Quality down after installing ATI drivers

I am in dire need of help :(

My system specs are as follows:

OS - Windows 7 64-bit
AMD Athlon X2 4000+ (Overclocked to 2.8ghz)
4gb of DDR800 Ram
ATI HD3850 256mb/256bit (Stock)
400watt PSU

Now to the nitty gritty...

I recently installed Windows 7 and was using the default display driver that 7 loaded (WDM 1.1). There was a few niggles like my GRID kicking me to the desktop every now and then but the game looked like a beaut :)

After installing PURE and being kicked out as soon as the race starts I decided to install the new ATI drivers...bad move.
Now the graphical quality of GRID went down significantly and my Guitar Hero 3 lags. Changing the quality in the ATI control panel has no effect on the fps or image quality of my games.

I decided to uninstall the new ATI drivers (through the ATI uninstall manager) and rollbacked to the original display driver and still I'm suffering from bad fps and loss of image quality.

I don't believe in restore points (rather FORMAT), but since I can't format at this stage It's not an option.

Any help from the Tom's Forum Gods is highly appreciated :)
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  1. yeah the ati drivers fired my comp a month ago to still havn't found a solution just gonna do a clean install when i get time

    can't even run vegas now ironically i was trying to enable hardware acceleration for vegas when i did the update

    the woes of pre-release software
  2. Thanks 50, clean install my last option. If I do I'm gonna' stick to windows 7. Most of my games run better on 7 than XP, or I could be biased looking through the stained Windows 7 glass :P
  3. o don't get me wrong i love win7 and have no intention of switching back.

    it is kinda my fault when you stack tech preview software on a release candidate os and then try to run beta drivers all while messing with the iis files and registry I really was begging for some issues
  4. Try using a driver cleaning program in safe mode to completely uninstall the drivers and try again.

    That might work.
  5. Hey thanks for the replies guys...sorted it out. For some reason if you install and uninstall display drivers then you don't have to restart your pc. I rollbacked the drivers, restarted the pc and I'm back to High quality, High fps :)

    Games still kick me out now but I can handle that until...

    I get a ATI driver that can satisfy my needs :)

    Damn I hate discs...
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