Possible to have multiple RAID 1 volumes on a single disk?

So if I have a 2TB drive, can I have two 1TB volumes on that drive and set up to be mirrored to a second 2TB drive using RAID 1?

The reason I ask is because I need to have a volume per Time Machine backup for each of my Macs. Time Machine backups grow to the size of their hosted volume. So the best way to limit their size is to limit the actual size of the hosted volume. I've been asking around about Netgear's ReadyNAS and D-Link's Sharecenter, but it doesn't sound like they will address my use case.
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  1. If you first set up a mirrored 2TB volume (two 2TB drives) then you can partition the resulting 2TB logical volume into two 1TB partitions. At least you can certainly do this on a Windows system, and I gotta believe you could do the same on a Mac.
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