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High temp should i worry?

Hi all, im running a pentium d 945 (3.4ghz dual core 4m cache)
and according to everest ultimate its running at 59c degrees while using a few applications that use about 80-90% of my cpu usage (darn cpu guzzlers). anyway, the intel specs say its max temp is 63c but the pc is running perfectly fine, cpu has been recently reseated and the cpu paste redone and its still running at 59c when under strain, just thinking thats a bit hot... so should i worry? :O and any ideas for cooling it down?

P.S anyone know of any better temp monitoring programs?
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    That temperature is fine.
    As time goes on and the thermal paste cures, temperatures should drop a little bit.
    RealTemp is a good program for temperatures.
  2. Test the CPU at 100% with Prime95.
    I think only rarely you will go to 100% CPU utilization for a while.
    If the temperature goes too high, consider an aftermarket heatsink.
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  4. Thanks for the input. the cpu ended up crashing entirely and i have since bought a quad core q9400 and when i removed the Pentium D dual core there was a physical burn mark around the cpu edge X D - Apparently pentium D's are the worst overheaters for CPU's
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