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As for many others here I am guessing, we are preparing our seats in front of our computers for the unleashing of SWTOR. I played beta and found myself with lower end FPS of around 20-30, and not really sure why as I feel my computer should be holding a better frame rate then I am. Trying to figure out what to buy or do to make my experience better when the game launches in a few days. While in beta I had graphics turned down, shadows off, ect. Almost to the minmal point where it was not pretty to the eyes. I only run Rift from about 10fps in busy areas to 60fps when setting still in depopulated areas with dumbed down settings aswell. Here is my system specs.

955 Phenom II x4 3.2 (OC to 3.6 currently)
XFX AMD 5870 1g GPU
8gb DDR 3 ram 1033 i think
Run around 1280x1024 resolution
750w PSU
Cool master HAF case with plenty of air flow
No aftermarket coolers
GA-790GPT-UD3H MoboNot really sure why or what is bottle necking me, I tried to mess with AMD Visions control center to OC my GPU a bit without any luck as it would always start to shutter and do weird stuff when playing rift or skyrim. Currently the card is at 855 MHz GPU clock and 1250 MHz memory clock using Graphics OverDrive. Temps stay down in the 50s while gaming. I had thought about trying a new card but read the 5870 is supposed to be pretty good, and an 560ti wouldnt be much of an upgrade, and the 6950 im not sure would be worth the money for what extra power id be getting.

Should I try another method of OC for this card or just go buy a new one? I keep my PC clean, no extra programs of garbage running, its optimized for gaming only. Needing someone to point me in a direction, if i need to OC this card and see what it does, and how to correctly do so, or just go for a new card, if that GPU is even the issue.
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  1. I know this isn't much help, but I do agree with you that your system should run SWTOR much better then you are seeing. I guess at this point I would be sure to do a fresh install of both your drivers and the SWTOR client.
  2. Downloading fresh SWTOR client as of now actually, getting the pre-load going :). ill check into the driver deal again, perhaps there will be some new drivers out before launch built for the game. I just downloaded MSI afterburner, playing with that a bit, not sure why my card wont overclock at all really.
  3. I am just not gettin why this card wont OC worth a dang. I did the OCC auto tune just for giggles and it puts it at 890/1290. Was watching the temps while gaming and it doesnt get too far over 60c at those settings, but begins to shutter and freeze up badly. Have to almost back it all the way down to stock settings to act normal.

    If i were to spend the money on a 570 or 6970, what specific brand or card would be the better buy? I see lots that say in the reviews "cant be OC'd", or I know some are just worth the extra few bucks, just dotn know which ones.
  4. Also was looking into the 560ti 448 series, little cheaper then the 570s, heard they OC better. But if im gonna spend 300+ im thinkin I may aswell just get the dang 570.
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