Strange System Build - all from best buy - need input

So I have a friend with a budget < $900 whose trying to build a gaming system. He has a strange requirement that all the components must be purchased from best buy (i think he has store credit which he is trying to use?). So my current suggestion to him, is to:

Get this computer (amd phenom x3, 2.1 ghz, 6gb ram, 500 gb hd) - $510

Get this video card (ati 4870 1gb) - $150

Get this replacement psu (500 watt) - $75

Get a random monitor - $160

He could remove the built in power supply and its video card and install the replacements, and I think he would have a fairly decent gaming rig. Thoughts? Suggestions?
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  1. Well he wouldn't be so much removing the video card as that PC only has integrated graphics to start with... The RAM and HD don't specify a manufacturer, so they are most likely just a step up from being complete crap. Rather than waste that much on a sucky pre-built, just pick from the stuff they have on the best buy online site. Don't buy anything in store, because if it's a good product at a tolerable price, it will almost certainly be an "online only" item.
  2. hmm I wasn't aware that best buy sold mother boards and processors. maybe i should look at their online site more...

    And yeah I didn't see that was an integrated card; just looked to see if it had the pci express x16 slot
  3. If you or your friend feel comfortable assembling a computer then buying components online will get you a better machine.

    If you want to buy a pre-built and add a graphics card, for gaming a fast dual core will beat a slow quad.
    This dual core is cheaper and will run games faster.
    Most of them do have a PCIEx16v2 slot but you should check to be sure the GPU you want will fit.
  4. why not buy from and use store credit for other things. pc would be like $500 cheaper
  5. Thats a first gen phenom system, find out why he wants to buy from best buy, there are some things that it might be worth it for, but i would never put a gaming system in an OEM case, the cooling is usually pretty bad.

    For 735 he can get a good Phenom II x3 system that will do ALOT better.
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