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Is it possible to use two graphics adapters in one PC (Windows 7)? Here's what I want: For gaming I'm looking into buying a certain graphics card like the 4850 or 4870. However, the ones which seem nice to me don't support s-video out. For some presentation stuff (so NOT for gaming), I need to be able to hook up my computer to an s-video input. I've come across Motherboards with integrated Graphics, including a s-video output. Is it possible to use the 4850 for my monitor, while using the MB's integrated graphics for the s-video out? I know you can buy some converters, but since cost extra money, I might as well just get a graphics card with the s-video integrated. Thanks for any input.
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  1. No, you can only have one graphics adapter at a time.
  2. You can't get video from the integrated motherboard and the video card at the same time. If you had two graphics cards you could get video from each of them though. Just wanted to clarify that.

    Here's a good option though:
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    Actualy those are both WRONG answers.

    First you can use more than one adapter at a time, second, SOME motherboards will allow you to use both the integrated graphics and an add in card you have to look at the features, but it's been possible since way back with the IGP 9200 series.

    However, really the easiest is simply to use FS' link to that card at newegg, it's easier then trying to make other solutions work, which while possible, just aren't worth the hassles, especially since the tough part would be finding a modern motherboard that both has sVideo out and supports using both discrete and integrated video. Just get the best MoBo you can and a card similar to the one posted. Otherwise you need to check the user guide to make sure it supports multi-monitor via the integrated, which just isn't worth it IMO.
  4. Really? I've never heard of that before :/ Is that a special feature only on a very few select boards? Expensive? I'm curious :D
  5. Grape to the rescue this thread was starting to scare me

    As said the best solution is a vid card with the outputs you need a quick search led me to 183 of them

    Now as to dual vid cards
    xp= yes and dual drivers
    vista= yes but both must run on same driver
    win7= havn't checked yet but seeing as it's a revised vista.....
  6. Win7 brought back multiple drivers into the WDDM fold, so kinda XP kinda Vista. ;)

    FS, some are expensive, some not so much, just depends, you of course start with IGP which usually makes it more expensive than non-IGP, but they include cheap HTPC board to expensive Xfire/SLi boards.

    And quick example;

    It supports the SurroundView which is what I was referring to above in the old R9200 models.
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