Will ATI do an "Eyefinity Patch" for 4890's?

Hi guys,

If this question shows my ignorance of such things, I apologize in advance.

Is there any chance the ATI will provide some sort of software patch that will allow CF'd 4890's to do multimonitor gaming just the the 5800 series? I've tried SoftTH and it seems VERY bugged out to me.
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  1. Probably not seeing as evefinity is one of the 5800 card's selling points ;)
  2. The 4xxx cards ramdac can only drive MAX 2 monitors, so 3 monitor on anything less than the 5xxx will be impossible... You may get 2 x monitor support on the 4xxx cards, but that will be your lot. Also, not possible to drive them off a second xfire card, all 3d output must be driven by primary.
  3. But providing better multimonitor gaming support for the 4890's would give people a reason to still buy those and I'm sure ATI has plenty in stock.

    Honestly, I am surprised that no one has come out with a better solution than SoftTH, which is a challenging experience at best for anyone that has tried it.
  4. It's a hardware issue, the HD 4xxx series can't run more than 2 monitors.
  5. I am aware that the 4890 cannot run more than 2 monitors. I am referring to a dual 4890 situation where you have 3 monitors running.

    Right now, the only way to play games across all 3 monitors is SofTH which is quite buggy. What I want to know is will ATI provide some sort of patch that will allow 3 monitor gaming when you have more than one 4890?
  6. ^No. ATI will not have a patch for the 4xxx cards, mainly like said above, there are hardware limitations that make it very hard to do something like this. And also, why would ATI shoot itself in the foot by providing a patch when they can just get you to upgrade?
  7. I am surprised that no one else has released an aftermarket software solution better than SoftTH.
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