Buying a laptop, can't decide on what to pick

Hey guys,

Just wanted to ask a quick question. I can't decide between the HP dv6-1244TX NB or the TOSHIBA Satellite A500/040 Notebook.

Apparently both of us have the same specs except for the CPU. The HP has 2.5GHz whereas the toshiba has 2.1GHz. Both have 1GB Dedicated gfx card. Does 0.4GHz affect the speed significantly. I do game a lot and i would like this laptop to last 3 years in terms of performance. but the price difference is $400. What do u guys think?
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  1. Er, they both have the 1366 x 768 res, which I'm not a fan of. There is a pretty large difference in those CPUs though. I'm not sure it justifies $400 though. You might want to look around some more.
  2. Neither. First off no body whom you ever heard of actually makes laptops. I would suggest that you go to one of the US distributors of those companies who actually build them for the major vendors to get a better deal. Clevo for example is on eof those OEM / ODM vendors. They have an outfit called prostar that seels their laptops in the US.

    You can go there, pick out a basic model and have the thing built to your specifications.
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