Can anyone give me a 2 desktop budget of $650?

hi guys I am creating a computer for my relative
she asked me if its possible to build two computer and a 20 inch monitor..yea
Just wondering if you guys can give me a layout I just cannot figure it out

So one of the computer can be absolutely crappy ( For my Aunt )

But her son ( my counsin ) wants a gaming computer ( yea I know! )

Fortunately they have a two spare cd rom, one being dvd and the other just old cd rom driver; however they are content with it..

This is like mission impossible for me please help me
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  1. is that $650 for both or each
  2. both...yea..It's really hard....haha....

    I mean for the first comp can be hella crappy...

    as long as its better than pentium 4 ( Which is her current one! and I believe she has a spare 512mb ram that might save some money )
  3. thats 1 20" monitor (not one each right)?

    you realize that between one 20" monitor and 2 copies of windows you are down to #350 for both computers
  4. no I have two copies of window from previous computers

    And a cheap 20 inch monitor from newegg was about $120

    yes just one 20 inch monitor
  5. Usually don't pull for intel, but how about 2 of these?

    250 each, so 500.

    Not 20 inch, but 19 inch, so close. 110

    610 so far. This card for the gamer system, 70 bucks but a 10 dollar mail in rebate.

    Total of 680.

    Now you could take this card at 60, but gives you a 20 dollar mail in rebate, but unsure about the quality of the power supplies. Your call.
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