Cheapest video card compatible with p6x58d premium

hi guys i just wanted to ask if anyone knows what is the cheapest video card for the p6x58d premium mobo. i need something to hold me over till the newer overclocked version of the hd5970 comes out. i have an old x850 xt sapphire card but i dont think it works with the p6x58d like it doesnt sit well in the case well if anyone knows please let me know
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  1. You could probably get a cheap GeForce 8400. Quite cheap in New Zealand anyway ~$70 for the Asus EN8400GS/HTP/512M.

    Just look around if its just a temp card, you will find something dirt cheap.
  2. anything thing al little cheaper? like 40 bucks range
  3. ive been checking on newegg and microcenter but i wanna make sure its compatible with the asus p6x58d premium
  4. How about this?

    I dont think you will have any compatibility issues with a cheap older graphics card
  5. yea im trying to find that card on microcenter im never buying stuff that i really need of neweeg too much of a gamble if it doesnt work
  6. This should be fine
  7. I have 2 HD 3450 256 mb cards by Power Color AZTI chip. One will not work, two works and in a week or so I can upgrade. I had to dump my 9600 GSO, the noise was driving me crazy.
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