What is difference between core 2 or dual core

difference between core 2 due and dual core
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  1. Core 2 Duo is just a particular line of Intel's dual core processors. So in short, a core 2 duo is a dual core, just like an AMD Athlon II x2, etc.
  2. I just recently bought a Pentium DualCore E5300 and looked into the difference between this and Core 2 Duo. The main difference is that Duo has more cache size meaning a slight difference in the time it takes for the CPU to complete a processes(Duo has 6MB while DualCore has 2MB). The clock speed is also a bit higher in Duo. SImply put Core 2 Duo is just a bit faster than Dual Core
  3. Intel decided that they needed a new name after "Pentium" - they chose "Core" as something that would sound cool. When they adopted AMD's 64-bit instruction set, they decided to update the name to reflect a new generation of processors, and they changed it to "Core 2".

    That's all that "Core" (with a capital "C") and "Core 2" are - marketing names for lines of processors. Both "Core" and "Core 2" processor series include single, dual and quad-core products. But the "Core" or "Core 2" name itself doesn't tell you that, it's the "duo" or "quad" suffix that denotes the actual number of cores on the chip.

    I've always thought that "Core 2" was one of the stupidest names Intel has ever come up with because there's so much potential for confusion.
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