Hardware error in prime95. Overclocked memory problem.

Hi all

This is my first post here.

I have encountered an error while trying to switch memory speed to 1866. It boots fine and everything, but prime95 says hardware error and stops the tests.

My setup is:
i7 2600k(clocked 4.5ghz)
geforce gtx560ti(overclocked gpu 950hz, memory 2010mhz)
Memory: gskill 1866(running 1600mhz).
link to mainboard specs:

I haven't changed memory voltages.

I would also like to know about overclocking latencies. I have them at default. How low would I be able to lower them and how much is the speed gain when going to 1866mhz in modern Intel setups? So lets say I want my latencies to around four. How much voltages does is need or is it even possible to lower them so much? I do all kind of things from coding in visual studio to creating 3d and making video games.

I have searched google and no luck.
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  1. Overclocking memory yields far less (relatively) that OCing your CPU or GPU. The consequences of doing so (OCed memory) is often an unstable system.

    I would recommend you keep your memory at stock speeds and focus on the other components of your system.

    Stability trumps a small increase in performance any day of the week.
  2. Thanks!

    Now I can sleep my dreams in peace. :D
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