K9N6PGM2-V2 Video card problem?


I bought a combo setup from Mwave with a MSI K9N6PGM2-V2 and Athlon X2 245. I've just installed Windows 7 and seem to have a problem with the video card. I can notice every so often the the mouse is a bit choppy. It's barely noticeable but I can't notice this on my other machines that have dedicated video cards. I have updated to the latest chipset and video card drivers from Nvidia and ensured that the Bios has the highest ram set for the intergrated video (256MB) but it still looks to be there. Is it an issue with the integrated video? This is for a work PC and is my first low budget setup.


Edit: I found in the bios besides the memory setting that there is something called HPET. Could this be what is causing the problem? I'll try to disable it and see if it helps.
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  1. I removed the HPET and it helped with the jitter but now the mouse is slower than it was with the HPET on. Looks like I'll be sending this back.
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