DDR2 6400 CL4 vs CL6

I'm replacing all my motherboard ram with Kingston DDR2-800 2 x 2G. Is it worth coughing up the extra %12 $s for CL4 memory over CL6? I'm not planning to overclock the board ever. It is a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3P Mobo
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  1. save your money you will never see the difference
  2. Latencies are the only place you'll see any real-world improvement from memory speed - the clocks really don't matter. I looked at NewEgg, and didn't see any 800 CL4, but I'm assuming the 12% really isn't a lot - I'd do it - and 505090 is right, you likely won't 'see' a lot of improvement. If you want to 'see' a system improvement, a 'gentle' overclock is your best bet - I can walk you through a, say, 20-25% increase that will not put your hardware at any risk, but will show a solid, noticeable improvement in overall speed...
  3. ^1 CL6 is very high for a DDR2 memory, the CL standar for DDR2 800MHz is CL4. So, is better that you get the CL4 over the CL6.
  4. :lol: yeah - the CL6 is likely the stuff the 'housekeeping robots' swept off the fab floor :lol:
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