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Hi all,
Just a quick question i have got a partition on disk 1 , but to i have to partition the second drive ?
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  1. A drive must have at least one partition and it can be up to the size of the entire drive.
  2. Do i format the drive first then partition it im using it for back up and how do i partition it ?
  3. You format after you partition. Go into disk management, right click the drive you are trying to partiton and you will see an option to initialize. Click on initialize and follow the prompts. If the drive is 2Tb or less, use MBR when asked, otherwise you will need to select GPT. This is assuming you are running Vista or 7.

    To get to disk management, right click imy computer and select manage, then click on disk management in the left pane.
  4. How much mininum should i partition or how much is advised
  5. That's up to you. I like to make my partitions the full size of the drive. If you create more than one partition, they will each show up with their own drive letter.
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