Increase cpu voltage on M4A785-M

this may seem like a noob question but, on this motherboard i dont know which bios option increases the cpu voltage. Can anyone help me by showing/telling me which option in the bios increases the voltage

this is it
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  1. Locate the cmos jumper. Use your manual to look it up on the print out of your motherboard. You have to move it over one position to keep 2 out of 3 pins covered with the system off and the power supply unplugged to reset the bios if your won't post after changing the cpu fsb to overclock. In the "advanced" menu, select "jumperfree configuration" and set the cpu overclocking to "manual". Then set the "cpu reference clock" to 240. Then set cpu overvoltage to "manual". the voltage selection should appear. 1.38 is the highest setting, which should be safe.
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    I have this same mobo. As soon as you get into the bios you push right, which should take you to the advanced tab, there you will enter "jumperfree config" and then scroll down to "CPU overvoltage" and it should be set on auto. just push the + key and it will be taken on auto. Then you use the + and - keys to adjust the voltage in increments of .00625v. If you know exactly what voltage you want instead of using the + and - keys you can just type in the voltage and it will round to the nearest increment.
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