Need advice on Dell Dim4600 Ram

I want to speed up or make my system run smoother. When I got it back in the day it was expensive, but like evrything else I am sure is way out dated and I dont have the cash to just go buy a cool new system. A freind said to inscrease my RAM. I mostly use it for my photos, photshop 7.0, windows ultimate office 2007, internet(gf and kids on facebook and farmvillle), I am running windows xp(would like 7). Whats in my Dim4600

Pent 4 3.00GHz 2.99GHz(under processors it says dual, I am getting behind on this stuff latley so is there a chance I have 2 Pent 4's in there?)
C drive is 111GB(80.3 free)
512 MB RAM
NVIDIA GeForce FX522
Maxtor 6Y120MO

I read increasing RAM will make a difference, and somewhere on here mine has a older pc3200 184 pin unbuffered ddr sdram.

How much RAM can I put in it and whats a good middle of the road one money wise?
Can I put 2 in it?
Can I put it in myself simply?

on my gateway in 2000 I put my own CD burner in, have had this apart a cleaned out the dust, but havent done much elses

Also my one CD drive wont open all the time, needs some help sometimes if it hasnt been open in a while. Any ideas?

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  1. been looking, would this be a good choice?

    Crucial 2 GB Kit (2 x 1GB) DDR PC3200 UNBUFFERED NON-ECC 184-PIN DIMM

    I have been trying to find out how to determine what the 512MB thats in it is or what all the settings are that I need to match when buying another one.

    also read something about watching for static shock when installing and something about getting a bad one and it burning out your memory slot?

    Any ifo would be greatly appreshiated
  2. Went to crucial and did a scan

    Maximum Memory Capacity: 4096MB
    Currently Installed Memory: 512MB
    Available Memory Slots: 2
    Total Memory Slots: 4
    Dual Channel Support: Yes
    CPU Manufacturer: GenuineIntel
    CPU Family: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz Model 2, Stepping 9
    CPU Speed: 2992 MHz

    either 2.5(GB) for $78
    (2) 1 GB Part No: CT306593


    4 GB for $156
    (4) 1 GB Part No: CT306588

    would it be worth the extra money to go bigger? I am ridiculus when it comes to stuff like this for any my vehicles, motorcycles, quads, guns, ect bigger is always better, AND more expensive. I never ask or think, just jump the gun and buy, if I have the money(wich I really shouldnt be spending now) only later to find out I didnt need to go so big

    any advice, will the bigger keep me from having to upgrade my compture for a few more years or should I just do the 2.5Gb and save the extra $75?

  3. Do you happen to know what version (x32 or x64 bit) of xp you are using?

    If you have x32 stay with the 2gb, xp x32 cannot handle 4gb of ram.

    If it is x64 you could go to 4gb, but I don't know if there would be any bottlenecking going on between the processor and the 4gb ram. Maybe somebody else could chime in on that point?

    2gb (2x1gb) ddr pc3200 memory - $58.98 (includes shipping)

    For installation instructions...

    Notice in the video that the two sticks are one dimm slot away from each other. Most (if not all) motherboards that have 4 dimm slots like yours go [A1] [A2] [B1] [B2]. So stick the two 1gb sticks into slots [A1] and [B1]. And thats it. Your computer should run faster.
  4. Oh, when I was looking back at your posts, I forgot to mention grounding yourself. I know the video mentions something about it, but I would like to reiterate their point...

    ALWAYS touch the metal chassis before touching anything inside the computer (ex: motherboard), or anything you are going to be sticking into it (ex: the new memory).
  5. Thanks for the info. I was going to just order the 4gb last night but waited till this morning and read some more and didnt know if the system could handle it so I went with 2 CT306593 1GB, 184-pin DIMM Upgrade for a Dell Dimension 4600 System. That will give me 2.5GB and thru the reviews it looks like thats what most with my system did.

    I think its a 32 and not a 64. How can you tell? Its XP Home 2002, I ran msinfo32 and everything ends in 32? Is that a clue?

    Thanks for the help and the video, much appreshiated
  6. Not like it matters now, but here are some instructions on how to tell what bit version of windows your computer is running...

    Windows XP - Viewing System Properties in Control Panel
    1. Click Start, and then right click My Computer.
    2. Click Properties.
    3. Click the General tab. The operating system is displayed as follows:
    * For a 64-bit version operating system: Windows XP x64 Edition Version < Year> appears under System.
    * For a 32-bit version operating system: Windows XP Version <Year> appears under System.
    Note: <Year> is a placeholder for a year.

  7. 32, good thing I went with the two 1GB then?
  8. Yup yup, no need to waste money on extra stuff you don't need. :D
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