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What the difference between the nVidia Quadro line and say their GTX line? Or AMD's Fire[insert model suffix] vs. their 4800's? Are the GPU's in both cases the exact same GPU? Or are workstation GPU's a different can of worms? And why do I often read that workstation cards are not fit for gaming at all. I mean they cost like 600-1200 dollars!!! That's more then the 5800 series Radeon's. So I was just looking for some clarification on the differences in mainstream individual consumer video cards, and (generally) industry used workstation cards.
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  1. simply put

    A Workstation GPU is basically for professional stuff like designing, artworks etc. Anything that requires massive computing power.

    While GPUs such as ours are for gaming and HD stuff. Graphics based and totally suck at rendering stuff that a workstation GPU does and vice versa

    Both types are the king of their areas, but when switched.... not so much
  2. Physically/hardware the workstation cards compared to gaming cards are like 99.9% the same.
    Software wise they are completely different. Gaming cards run on DirectX and workstation cards use OpenGL.
    Generaly if you are gaming, use a gaming card and if you are rendering, use a workstation card.
    Just because the workstaiton cards cost more than the gaming cards dose not make them better than gaming cards! (for gameing) Using a workstation card would provide worse performance than the equivilant gameing card, similar performance at best. card conversly a workstation mops the floor with a gameing card when used for rendering, providing 3 to 5 times more performance.,review-31526-10.html
    this compairs the Radeon HD 4870 and FirePro V8700 in a rendering program.
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