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Hello --

First off, I am a student that lives on my own and attends university so money isn't exactly overly-abundant. I am planning on purchasing something in an LGA1156 socket sometimes late / early next year however I need a PC right now.

A friend of mine has offered me his old hardware and I am looking for some opinions on whether it will be sufficient for my uses. The system I am currently using is very old and outdated and although it runs very cleanly it just does not have to hardware to do anything other than surf the web and chat. I do play WoW and am looking at getting into Aion and TF2. As I'm looking for something to just hold me over I thought that his offer was very good and am hoping some of your more experienced users have an opinion.

Current PC - Yes I know its ancient :P

P4 1.8GHZ
2g SD Ram
x2 80g HDD
ATI Radeon 9250 (PCI -- Yes the 33mhz bandwidth garbage stuff :P)

Offered Parts -

GA-965P-DS3 (rev. 3.3)
e6300 1.8ghz w/ After Market Cooling (Zalman I believe)
6G ddr2 1066mhz

He is asking $120CAD for those 3 items.

I still have pieces from my PC that died on me;

Antec 300
Ultra 650W PSU
ATI 4850
Win XP 32/64 and Vista OS's as well.

Also he said he never overclocked anything. So any opinions are welcomed, is that PC a good deal to hold me over until I can get some more money (Feb/March) for the things that I do with it? I am not too familiar with that p965 chipset. I was thinking I could take that e6300 up to 2.5GHZ pretty stable and there is a lot of memory included in the deal. Oh yeah, Does that Board Support the e5300 Wolfdales?

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  1. The E6300 is vastly superior to any P4, so the offered parts would be a major upgrade.

    Now, assuming the parts you listed from the "deceased" machine are all still functioning well, than combine that system with the offered mobo, CPU and memory, you can overclock the E6300 to something like 2.4ghz with ease (especially with the Zalman cooler.)

    The price he's asking seems about right.
  2. I'd shy away from that option myself. The 965 chipset is very old. Since then, you h've had the P35 and P45s and the P55s now. So that's 4 generations old. The E6300 a good CPU, but its had its day. Since all you need is a mobo/CPU/Ram, I'd buy DDR3 ram now that you can also use in a i5 system, get a amd AM3 mobo and cpu.
    4gigs DDR3 ram 1333+ Cas 7, 1.65v or under will run $85-$90 Skip the 1066 at the top and double check the voltage when looking:

    AMD 240 $60 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819103688&cm_re=amd_240-_-19-103-688-_-Product

    Gigabyte AM3 770 $70 amir

    The gigabyte board and CPU will be good to resell, or if you decide to go with a more robust AMD CPU, this will work very well for it.

    So you'd be spending $120 on the CPU/mobo that we'll consider disposable since the used gear above is, and then another $90 that you'd be spending anyway in the spring. You spend more now, but less later, and in the end, its the same.

    I just noticed you're dealing with CAD$. So the price would be $70 for the CPU, $90 for the mobo (MSI), and $100 for the ram. With that price spread, might be an okay deal.

    You'd have to check with the mobo manufacture to see if an E5200 can work in there. Might need a bios update which you'd want to do before you pull the E6300 out. Not sure if you'd get enough performance out of it though to warrant the cost of a new chip.
  3. If he gives you a guarantee it might be worth it as that would be a massive upgrade. But if you did go with an AM3 setup as suggested you should be able to drop in a quad later.
  4. I still think the offer is pretty good: if you start "futureproofing" your build by buying expensive new parts and making it quadcore ready and all that you might just as well build that i5 setup you want and you can't afford that right now, so you should accept his offer and start saving now for a whole new i5 rig next year and skip the hassling with incremental upgrades.
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