Need some advice on what could be wrong.

Hiya guys asked around and some peeps said to ask on here....

I recently bought these items:

Intel i7 920 DO

Gigabyte X58 UD5

Patriot DDR3 6gb 12800

Atrix extreme power 800w


Titan Fenrir CPU cooler

the problem is when I plug it all together all I am getting is 4 lights on the motherboard come up...

2 lights are for the power and bios reset and another 2 lights for the memory power i think.

I have put this all together outside of the case so i am pretty sure nothing is sorting out any ware..

If any 1 could help me with this I would be well happy :)
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  1. Did you plug in the 8pin power connection on the board near the top left corner?

    This may help alot.

    From what i can see these led's you're talking about voltage leds. "Section 1 - 9 (not 1 though 9)" will tell you everything you need to know about those 4 led lights.
  3. Cheers for getting back to me :)

    yep got the "4 pin" connected, as dont have and 8 pin on my psu, but i read up some stuff on here and that sould not matter tho.

    ok so the LEDs that are lit are the DDR phase leds green and yellow.

    But also I have notice that not only do none of my fans in the pc work but also the psu fan is not working??? could that be the prob or would that mean the psu is faulty>?
  4. was there a little cover over 4 of the pins on the motherboards 8 pin connector? if yes then it doesnt matter, if no then it may as modern motherboards use more power than the older ones used to, that 4 pin connector may not provide enough power.

    Use the paper clip trick to jump start your PSU, if its fan does not spin up its DOA, try to return it and get a better brand.

    Have you been through the entire checklist?
  5. hiya, tbh i cant really remember if it came with a cover over 4 pins... but i have done all the check list and for every reason i can think of my pc should start.. but nothing :(

    and ive not heard of this paper clip trick??? I dont wanna BBQ myself lol?
  6. Ok should of done this 1st but only just thought of doing it lol, Its the Psu it DOA, put in a old 1 starts up fine, still need to get new 1 tho as old 1 is only 450 w :(

    Cheers for the help guys :)
  7. Spend the money on a quality PSU. I'd look in the Corsair 750TX range or 850+ if you plan to SLI a second GTX 285. Corsair, Antec, Silverstone, Seasonic, BFG does well. Best place for PSU reviews is

    Best of luck!
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