Unable to update OCZ Vertex II firmware with MSI 945P Neo3.

I am having problem updating the OCZ Vertex II firmware. I have read everywhere and did everything I can but still unable to update it. I did use the SSD drive as secondary. I think the main thing is I can't enable the AHCI on 945P Neo3 mobo because I can't find the option in bios or my mobo might not has that feature.. Anyone have the same problem with MSI 945P Neo3?
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    Your motherboard is like mine, older than dirt. Your most recent bios update is from 2007 (also like mine). Everytime I attempted to update the firmware on my agility 3 i got the BSOD. I ended up having to install a fresh copy of the OS to a different drive and use that to then go in and update the firmware. Luckily, it finished the update right before the typical bsod.

    Swap out cables and check connections to rule out that possibility. Try resetting your cmos by jumper pin or removing the battery set everything up again and try again. Make sure you have the latest drivers for the chipset/motherboard. You could try updating from a fresh install of the operating system if you have a spare disk around. You can try updating the firmware from a friend's or neighbor's computer. You could also seek help from a local computer shop.
  2. thx for the reply, I will probably build a new computer instead since mine is getting outdated.
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  4. some have successfully updated while in IDE mode with the Linux updater(OCZUpdater). Might be worth a try if you can't easily swap it to an AHCI capable system.

    Also be aware that some sata drivers can block the OCZ toolbox's detection of the SSD so default MS sata drivers should be used if issues arise.
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