Which processor with am2+ mobo

I'm building a new gaming pc to fit into my tight budget, i need some help regarding selection of processor..

Been through building a balanced gaming pc part2, i came to a conclusion that in gaming performance graphics card was the bottleneck and not the cpu, so i decided to buy an hd 4870 with 955 and m4a78-em which is am2+ mobo as am3 mobo was far out of my budget, now i realized that if i'm buying an am2+ mobo what's the point of buying an am3 processor...so my query is whether any am2+ processor has better performance than 550 in similar price range...

Please correct me if i'm wrong and any kind of suggestions are welcome :)
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  1. the only difference between AM2+and AM3 is DDR3 support

    AM3 processors can work with DDR2 and DDR3 so they fit in AM2+ sockets

    you aren't missing out a lot, DDR3 and DDR2 perfom almost equally well
  2. AM2+ processors ended with the Athlon X2 7000 series and Phenom X3/X4 series. Cost/Performance for them is terrible compared to the newer AM3 Athlon II and Phenom II line.
  3. Not quite right loneninja. My Phenom II 940 BE is an AM2+ cpu, not AM3. I believe the same is true of the 920 X4 also.

    Anyway, the last true AM2+ cpu was the Phenom II 940 BE...but it doesn't really matter because you can plug the newer Phenom II's into most AM2+ mobo's anyway, like what the OP did here.
  4. If you're going to ge the 955 you might as well get the 965 BE @ 3.4 Ghz (125 watt) as it's only a £10 more and more overclockable.

    I've just got one, after upgrading from a 6000+ 3Ghz Dual core, and it kicks ass.

    Great buy.
  5. Guys, maybe i wasn't clear with my question...
    I have done some research in past month and i know that am3 mobo has ddr2 and ddr3 support or just ddr3...

    Initially i decided to buy 945 with am3 mobo with hd4770 or 4850, but gone through the article "building a balanced pc part2" i realized that its the graphics card that will bottleneck even with 550 be... so i decided to buy an hd4870...
    now am3 mobo doesn't fit into my budget even with 550...so i had to go for am2+ mobo(also knowing that ddr3 ram doesn't make a large difference)

    My point is that you would recommend me to buy an am3 mobo for upgradeability in future(i.e. i can upgrade processor if i want), but now since only am2+ mobo fits into my budget, there is no necessity or benefit of buying an am3 processor...

    So finally my question is, whether an am2+ processor better than 550 available for similar price as 550...

    in gaming cpu hierarchy chart 940and 920 are placed along with 945...plz comment on their individual performance as compared to 550 and 720...

    One more question, with x2 550 and hd 4870, what wattage psu do i need...is cooler master a good brand for psu?

    I am not interested in overclocking or unlocking other cores...i am planning on running them stock...

  6. i would get AM3 to be more future proof

    here is a cheap but reliable brand


    if you want to really cut back this is ok


    and NO Cooler master isn't a good brand for PSUs, get Antec, OCZ,Corsair,PC&PC, Silverstone, Seasonic

    a 450 watt PSU should be enough for you
  7. There is nothing wrong with a coolermaster power supply. It is the cheapest I would go, but it is ok.
  8. saumya said:

    is cooler master a good brand for psu?

    The brand name isn’t that important because most companies do not build their power supplies. They have another company build them and they brand them. Yes some power supply companies do go through the same place to get most of their lines, so their lines can be pretty close in quality but you never know.
    Here is a good site that list it suggested power supplies - http://www.silentpcreview.com/Recommended_PSUs
  9. saumya said:
    One more question, with x2 550 and hd 4870, what wattage psu do i need

    Using thermaltake's calculator you will need 417W so a 450W like suggested above is perfect.
    The Calculator - http://www.thermaltake.outervision.com/Power
  10. Thanks for all the replies, i'm pushing my budget for x3 720.
    Plz tell me about Cooler Master, its cheapest out there, is there anything wrong with it.
    I'm gonna play a lot of games maybe dragging processor and graphics card to its power limits and i don't want pc to run unstable then because of low grade psu.

    Also i would prefer a cheaper choice.

    So what would you guys suggest, should i compromise cpu for a better cpu or keep this cpu to upgrade to x3 720.
  11. No plans of overclocking
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