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Hyper 212+ enough?

is the hyper 212+ enough for a 3930k processor stock?> going with air for now till i save up for h100 or h70
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    Why spend money on aftermarket cooling at all if you are leaving the processor at stock speed?

    A Hyper 212 comes close to cooling as well as the closed water loop coolers you listed. Most of the really good air coolers are better than the H70 at least, I am not real familiar with the H100.

    I have a Scythe Mugen 2 that was only $40 and comes within a degree or two of any of the high end coolers. It has since been replaced with the Scythe Mugen 3 but I am sure that it is as good or better than the Mugen 2. Also it is nearly silent.

    Here is a good article comparing coolers with the Scythe beating the Hyper 212 by 6 C.,2535.html
  2. Since the 3930k doesn't come with a heatsink fan then you do have to buy one and if you are not overclocking then the Hyper 212 will be enough and provide sufficient cooling. If you are not into overclocking and don't ever intend to OC then you won't need the H100 or H70.
  3. Opps totally forgot the 3930 does not come with a heatsink. Even then you can still overclock with a Hyper 212.
  4. oh ok thanks
  5. oh wiil the scyth fit inside a 800d?
  6. It should. I would do a quick google search to see if anyone had any issues before I bought any large heatsink.
  7. The Mugen is great provided you have low profile ram,otherwise i'd get a CM EVO.
  8. does any of the coolers metioned above work with the new lga 2011 socket?
  9. keith808 said:
    does any of the coolers metioned above work with the new lga 2011 socket?

    I know for a fact Coolermaster is shipping out lga 2011 hardware for owners with proof of purchase at no cost.
    I would imagine once current stock is depleted new shipments will include lga 2011 hardware.
    Especially for popular coolers like the 212+/Evo/V8/V6/and Hyper 612.
  10. will the hyper 212 + fit inside the 800d?
  11. keith808 said:
    will the hyper 212 + fit inside the 800d?

    Yes it does,no worries.
    I'd use a more robust cooler if you plan on overclocking at some point.
    SB-E cpu's run hotter then previous gens.
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