Having trouble with a new rig

was building a mostly new pc

x58 evga classified (760)
corsair 2g ddr3 1600 c7 1.65 (at stock 1066)
i7 920 stock
Sea gate 1 tera hard drive
asus dvd+- writer sata

boots fine but when it hits the stage where the OS dvd should take off its stalls and goes black.

bios is set to boot to dvd. not sure if i got a bunk board but i have tried more then more sata slot, three differant dvd drives and same...was able to update my bios via my floppy usb but thats it. any ideas?
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  1. Have verified you don't have a bad OS disk? Try it in another PC, if possible, to see if it can be read.
  2. i have 5 vista disks all are good.
  3. Have you tried a bare minimum setup (and default BIOS) for the initial install. Also, isn't there a bootable memtest to check for memory issues?
  4. ran three differant sticks all at stock setting for a i7 1066. my vista is pre service pack one and u have to run two gigs of ram or less to install (stoopid release vista code)..anywho i am guessing i have a bad mobo. might use the drive in another machine and install sw3ap over and see it runs. i remember hearing someone else having trouble with an evga x58 with sata dvd install but i can't find the post now. wish i had an old school PATA....never thouht i would say that.
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