Simple wiring assembly help

I have:

i7 920 with the stock cooler (4 pin connector)
Evga x58 Mobo
Case is a Coolmaster Scout

The Mobo has a 3 pin connector with a key notch.

I can plug the 4 pin connector from the fan into the Mobo with the key notches fitting but that means the blue wire from the stock fan goes to a hole where there is no pin from the mother board.....its just left unconnected and hanging over to the side. Is this sort of thing normal? Do I need a converting connector from 4 to 3 pin connector?

The audio cable from the front pannel has two identical connectors 9 pins (one is blocked) one is marked HD and the other is AC'97. Evga manual says the MoBo supports HD audio so I'm just assuming that I plug in the Audio plug and leave the AC'97 hanging in the breeze next to it.
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  1. ok I just found the cpu 4 pin connector location for the cpu but there is no key for the connector wire from the fan. I have a fan plug with a black wire (ground) on one end of the 4 pin socket. I know which MoBo pin is ground on the motherboard based on the docs. The color sequence wired into the fan connector are Black, yellow, green, blue. My book says the layout of the MoBo pins are Ground, +12V, Sense, Control. I'm thinking of plugging the black to ground and there by yellow/Green/blue would match with +12/Sense/Control.

    Sound right?

    what is the difference between using HD or AC'97 connectors for front pannel audio jacks. I just play normal audio as far as i know. Should I just plug in the HD jacks and I guess get that HD sound whenever available?
  2. Use the HD audio connector from the case.
  3. any idea what the blackwire on a cpu
    fan connector is?
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