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So I just installed a new mobo (ASUS m3a78-cm) in my hp computer. I've been through some hell with stuff not wanting to connect, software not wanting to run. But I've arrived at a point where I can use my pc again normally. The onlyproblem I have right now is that this motherbaords box boasted that the mobo had cool and quiet technology, but ever since I've assembled it the fans have been running full blast and loud the whole time. I've checked bios, everything is on auto. Ill go back and read the manual again, but if anyone has a suggestion...
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  1. "Cool 'n' quiet" is just a marketing slogan, of course a motherboard can't keep other components cool with only a few fans.
  2. Cool & Quiet refers to the AMD processor downclocking and undervolting it self when not under load to produce less heat. All of the other components on the motherboard still generate heat. The HP fans are not the quietest consider replacing them with some quieter fans with high CFM, it should make your system alot cooler and quieter.
  3. yeah, it may just be the fans. I had sheetrock dust caked all throughout the inside, which was what started this whole thing in the first place. I'll look into purchasing some better fans.
  4. Well if thats the case the bearings in the fans are likely shot, replacing them would definitely help to lower the noise level of the computer. I know my compaq back home has some pretty crappy fans in there that get really loud whenever they even start up, mostly because they rarely ever start up.
  5. today I replaced the cpu fan with a new one and it helped the noise a little. But I still think this mobo is in some default mode.
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    First suggestion is to make sure your case is 100% contaminent free. Dust or Particles kill bearings in fans.

    Second thing, if HP didn't use standard fans in the case, then you are pretty much SOL. You'll have to replace the case (and maybe the PSU as well). The fact that you could replace the Mobo is a good indication that they used standard fans.

    Next is you should get which should display the RPM rates of your fans. For each case fan, you should record the RPM and the size of the fan.

    Finally, to replace the fans you have with something quieter, go to your vendor of choice (eg: Newegg) and look for fans that use FBD (Fluid Dynamic Bearing) as the bearing type. These should be as quiet as you get get. What you want to do is find the fans that are physically the same size and have as close to the same RPM as you currently have as these will move the same amount of air and provide the same amount of cooling.

    However, because they use an Fluid Dynamic Bearing, the dB they produce should be much, much lower than whatever you have now.

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