ASUS P8Z68-V LX with Intel I5 2500k Overclock Help

I just had my pc delivered from ibuypower with the following mobo and processor configs, I go to bios and used EZ mode and put the setting to performance, my auto oc is 4.3 ghz with vcore of 1.325 and cpu temp of 40-45c upon stress test, mobo is around 35-40c upon stress test cpu frequency multiplier is 103x42, my question is: can my mobo+cpu do better overclocking than 4.3ghz? or will it be dangerous to exceed 4.3 ghz auto oc?
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  1. More than likely, you can do better by overclocking manually, than by depending on built in overclocking profiles.

    45 C load temps mean you have more room to overclock.
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