Rampage II Gene or P6T Deluxe V2

Now i am stuck between Rampage II gene or P6T Deluxe V2, because of availibility problems of ex58-ud5.

My new rig is,

HD 5970
GTS 250(Physx)
HAF 932
Corsair 3 x 2 gb ram
Corsair HX 850w

Will Rampage II gene have any benefit due to water cooling kit?

Also I will overclock i7 to 3.6 ghz
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  1. MSI ...i have one...never jamt,never crush ,.......my opinion,of course other people will say....ASUS ASUS ASUS, GIGABYTE GIGABYTE , GIGABYTE again, i had a gigabyte.it was just good,not very...JUST MY OPINION...no offence!!and about the bios,MSI has a good one, very good for oc...like DFI.
  2. What P6T? SW, LGA, Deluxe V2
  3. saint19 said:
    What P6T? SW, LGA, Deluxe V2

    Deluxe V2
  4. Well, the mATX mobos aren't good for OC (IMO), so, my advice is to get the P6T Deluxe V2, BUT with a little more money you can get THIS mobo.
  5. I have the Gene and it Overclocks Great! Why do you say that?
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