Ati4890 trouble, i'd like some help pls (red lights)

I have recently assembled my new pc: msi MSI 790FX-GD70 Winki Edition AM3 Motherboard, phenom II quad processor, Geil Ultra Series 4GB x2 and a Akasa AK-P085FG-BK 850W PowerMax Power Supply and 2 Powercolor ATI Radeon HD 4890 PCS BattleForge Edition. i have connected everything but when i turn on the computer the red lights on my graphic cards do not go off and there is nothing displayed on my screen. pls advise
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  1. I have tried reseting the CMOS and I also tried connecting my computer to a Samsung 17'' LCD screen and then to an ACER 24'' Widescreen but still there are no results. my screen is still blank. pls advise
  2. Could be a faulty power supply....

    IIRC, i had a similar problem and their was a test you can do to test a faulty PSU...something to do with shorting 2 connections ....maybe you should look up your PSU and see if their is a similar test?

    In my case though it turned out i needed to reset the CMOS and it worked but yours didnt as you have said.

    When clearing CMOS you should remove battery for longer than 10seconds...did you do this??
  3. sorry for double post (makin a habit of this)

    Additionally it could be faulty graphics card...have you got another machine you could test it in?
  4. i have not actually removed the battery but there is a button to reset it without removing the battery from my motherboard. and i have not another to test the graphic cards on. well isnt it a little too strange that both the graphics card are faulty?
  5. didnt realise you had 2graphics sure u got your monitor plugged into correct port???

    Do u get beeps at startup as if it was booting up???
  6. yes there are beeps, and the monitor is properly corrected. i have connected the crossfire either way, so the monitor should be working properly
  7. the red lights on the card is a power/PSU problem
  8. The power supply seems okay according to 80plus. Typically, red lights on your cards means something is wrong with your power adapters and/or things aren't plugged in right or at all; re-check all of your connections.

    Also, attempt removing one GPU and trying to boot. Do the same with memory, re-adding one-by-one if it boots properly.
  9. If you are trying to boot for the FIRST time, take out the second video card. Install Winblose and all drivers. Then try poppin in the second card and enabling Crossfire
  10. If you got another rig or could test the cards in a friends comp do so because it might be the board. I got a x1900xt and when I get the red lights its usually a board issue (great when doing repair work in a shop) when the card is unable to detect any response from the board or is a power/ cooling issue. When the lights come does the fans sit idle or blast at max rpm?
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