Asus p4p800-vm won't switch on

i have asus p4p800-vm,,my problem is that it won't switch on i alreday check the power supply,processor,and switch but all are ok.but wen i touch the chipset fw82801eb it's hot and i think der s a short circuit. can u send me the possible shorted parts..just email me at
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  1. In all my years building, i've not known shorts to cause extreme heat situations, but that's not to say your thought process has no merit. If the CPU is overheating, that would certainly explain (among other reasons) why you don't have a display.
    I'm assuming that you remembered to install the heatsink and fan.

    Remove the heatsink and check to see that the thermal pasted has been applied in smooth thin coating. Too much thermal paste will trap the heat in the CPU, thus making the heatsink redundant.
  2. ok thanks,, i already tried your suggestion but still not working...even i ddnt switch on the cpu chip FW82801EB still you have any idea about this,,tanks
  3. All right. If the chipset is burning hot w/o the system being turned on, you likely have an open circuit, in which case, the motherboard is bad.


    1. Contacting Asus to inform their tech support for an RMA
    2. Clear CMOS to reset it to default.
    3. Update the BIOS (check Asus' website)
    4. Breadboard build (if you believe your board is shorting)
  4. thank you very much i really appreciate your reply and suggestion..i think i have to replace my you have extra mboard for p4?tanks
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