Hard drive suddenly became unreadable!

Hi, I have a external 1TB hard drive that I've used for about a year already, and been working fine and great, but today my TOSHIBA laptop (windows 7) suddenly went to a blue error page saying the laptop has to shut down to prevent risk (don't really remember what it said but somewhere around that) and it had continuous beeping sound. It happened while I was in the middle of watching a video from my hard drive. I forced shut off my laptop and restarted it, and all of a sudden the disk became unreadable and it says it needs to be reformat. I clicked on it and there's a warning saying that ALL the data in my disk will be erased. I can't erase ANY data inside, I got no backups of anything inside the disk, and it has all the important data of about 900GB used inside the disk that I cannot loose, seriously. I plugged the disk into another laptop hoping that it'll work, but it still can't be read. What can I do to solve this? Please help me out...thank you very much...
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  1. Try to mount the HDD on a system that runs Ubuntu. You should be able to mount it and retrieve the data from there.
  2. Try Getdataback, it is powerful and easy to use.

    If the drive wont see at the BIOS, it mean that is physical problem, it won't be easy to fix. If the data is important, I strongly encourage you send all drives to a professional data recovery company before all chances of recovery are lost.

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