Weird reboot loop???

after performing a system recovery i was found with a ntldr missing error.After fixing that error which resulted in a compressed ntldr, which i fixed as well it just lead me to a boot up that keeps rebooting on and on.My recovery that was started before these problems isn't continuing either when i run the command line it starts me at c:\minint\system32 i dont know whats wrong it just keeps rebooting infinitely safemode is no good just reboots me again when i enter it as well ive tried doing another recovery no good either.
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  1. You're using a hacked XP version, which is probably why system recovery did not work. C:\minint is not there if you use a regular XP disk.

    File issues can also come up when there are hard-drive errors. You can try a new hard-drive and re-install Windows on that, should work then.
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