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Is there a program that will record my cpu temp while I'm using it? Say just for kicks I wanted to see what my temps were during running 3dmark 11. Or just to see what I'm running during the day without having to sit and stare at a temp sensor?
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    Coretemp has a logging option.
  2. Believe HWMonitor also has logging capability.
  3. SpeedFan is a good one as well.
  4. thank you guys. I appreciate the speedy reply. Anyone know if it's possible with everest? Figure I would ask before I install something else. If not I'll give coretemp a shot
  5. found it on Everest. Thank you for your responses anyways. I appreciate your time
  6. Glad to help
  7. recently tried coretemp. as far as just monitoring my cpu its great. Its logging isn't quite as bloated as everest. don't get me wrong, everest was nice fore monitoring everything else, but I gotta give it to coretemp for simplicity
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