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Hi all....

I just bought the 955 BE. I will use it on Asus 785g(TD -EVO model). I just gathered info that the stock cooler is very noisy and not that good. So i short listed two air coolers the CM hyper 212+ and the CM hyper TX3.

In my area (Kolkata, India) the 212 costs around 2.3k while the TX3 1.3k INR. I am also looking forward to buy a good cabinet(bottom PSU mount).

If i buy the TX3 my budget can allow upto 2.6k within which i can get the NZXT gamma or CM 311plus etc.. but with 212+ my budget will allow 1.6-7k CM311.

I am using a HD6850 sapphire..
I do not intend to overclock at all now.. maybe when needed a max of 3.5ghz will do but where i live the room temperatures are quite high (above 30 C) in summer.

Please suggest any alternatives or the better choice of the above. thans in advance :) :)
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  1. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    The Hyper 212+ is the best one of those two
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